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Places to Visit

There are many beautiful attractions to visit in Willersey one of which is St Peter's. St Peter's is a Grade I listed Church and is therefore judged to be of exceptional interest and the highest architectural merit. It is beautifully positioned at the end of Church Lane and is surrounded by a traditional churchyard, just a stone's throw away from The Bell Inn.

The Cotswold Way

Starting at Chipping Campden, the Cotswold Way wends its way for 100 miles to Bath, taking in some of the finest scenery which England has to offer. For the most part the Way keeps as far as possible to the main limestone escarpment of the Cotswolds, but sometimes diverts away from this to visit some of the villages for which the area is famous, such as Broadway and Winchcombe and, further south, Painswick and Wotton-under-Edge. This gives ample opportunity for refreshment and accommodation, with a mix of country solitude and village and small town life to be enjoyed every day. The gentle rolling hills and agricultural valleys should cause no ...

Meet Beau

No pub is complete without its resident dog. At the Bell we have Beau, who is a two year old French shorthaired shepherd dog . He is a rescue dog from the Dogs Trust in nearby Wickhamford. He’s a kind, good natured dog, maybe a little boisterous at times but loves his walks in and around Willersey, where we have a good footpath network. His name comes from the breed, known as Beauceron in France, so Beau for short seemed just right. He is very sociable and loves company  Regrettably he can’t be trusted in the restaurant with food around, we just hope he’ll get more responsible as he gets older.

The Perfect Soufflé

Soufflés are a favourite at The Bell Willersey, however this classic egg dish has somehow managed to acquire a reputation for failure, that belies its simplicity. Mastering a soufflé is simply a matter of understanding it. Getting air into the mix will ensure the law of nature will rise it in the oven. As the temperature of the air bubbles rises, the mix swells in the only way it can: upwards. This however is only responsible for part of the rise; the rest come from the evaporation of the water lining the bubbles into bubbles themselves, increasing the interior pressure and causing them to expend yet further. The beauty of the Soufflé is its ...

The Importance of Espresso

At the Bell Willersey, we place great emphasis ons sourcing the best quality coffee beans, blended and roasted to perfection. To us serving the highest quality Coffee is a serious business. The Foundation of every coffee we make is espresso. Espresso is a full bodied, smooth and extremely ...