Louise Kearney

Louise is the daughter of Landlady Sue Kearney and is the holds the title of General Manager at The Bell.
Louise is offers a youthful, energetic and creative input to The Bell, introducing new exciting services, whilst serving as the backbone to the highly efficient team.
Louise is a professionally trained Barista and has recently introduced a state of the art coffee machine, and has applied her considerable talents to training her staff to producing and serving some of the finest coffees in the Northern Cotswolds.
Another passion for Louise is sourcing and serving premium ales. Every month she endeavours to introduce up to three new cask ales from the British Isles. Louise understands there are few pleasures that can beat savouring some real British ale in a traditional pub and she expends every last effort to sourcing them for her dedicated clientele.
For Louise having a hard work ethic is imperative to making a pub successful, and there is no happier place for her than behind the bar pulling pints, interacting with guests. Louise considers her guests to be extended family members and is delighted to serve them with a welcoming friendly smile.