The Perfect Soufflé

Soufflés are a favourite at The Bell Willersey, however this classic egg dish has somehow managed to acquire a reputation for failure, that belies its simplicity.

Mastering a soufflé is simply a matter of understanding it. Getting air into the mix will ensure the law of nature will rise it in the oven. As the temperature of the air bubbles rises, the mix swells in the only way it can: upwards. This however is only responsible for part of the rise; the rest come from the evaporation of the water lining the bubbles into bubbles themselves, increasing the interior pressure and causing them to expend yet further.

The beauty of the Soufflé is its almost infinite adaptability. There are rich cheesy numbers, luscious boozy chocolate, exotic chilled, even frozen to the simply bizarre cream puff variety, and not forgetting; there is no better way to impress your girlfriend!

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